A System of Bodywork that Helps Both Client and Practitioner, at the Same Time.

Develop your self and your craft, and deliver a more powerful service for your clients.
In our workshops you’ll learn:

- A protocol to rebalance the myofascial system of the entire body

- Techniques to help you be more fully present with your clients, and in your life altogether

- Balanced, effective body mechanics, giving you more uplifted power in your practice

These three synergistically come together in such a way that your practice of manual manipulation becomes a pathway of personal development and mastery.

Myofascial Protocol

Over the course of the training you’ll learn and practice the sessions of the MIPAWORK 10 session myofascial protocol. 


Each day we have two-30 minute sessions of embodied mindfulness, alternating sitting with walking meditation. 

Masterful Body Mechanics

Learn to use your body so that your practice of manual manipulation actually helps you become stronger, more relaxed, and more open and extended.

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