What Students are Saying

MIPAWORK is the tool I’ve been missing. Even after 20 years of practice, chronic compensatory issues have been a struggle to sort out. This approach effectively addresses this important issue. Craig offers a methodically effective, practical, and concise approach to rebalancing the body with a teaching style that intentionally moves the class mindfully and with purpose through the sessions. I saw the results right away. This is a first rate course, I suggest
you take it.

-Kim Brandt RMT. Vancouver, BC

The MIPAWORK workshop was incredibly inspiring. Not only am I already applying what I’ve learned with clients, I feel that it’s helped my own body so much and made me better at delivering much more grounded work, thanks to the tension that has lifted (or melted) off my shoulders! The workshop was worth the money just in the treatments I received alone! The material was presented in a highly accessible and down to earth manner, and provided maximum time for hands on practice and one on one attention. Craig’s warmth and sense of calm led me beautifully into this profound technique. I feel a much greater sense of comfort in my own body as a practitioner, and have already fearlessly started integrating the work into my clinical practice with amazing results and feedback from my clients. The confidence and the depth with which Craig transmitted the work was inspiring, and I feel fortunate to have been taught by such a generous teacher.

-Dahlia Steinberg RMT. St. Catherines, Ontario

The myofascial integration – postural alignment courses are the best I’ve ever taken. Craig Mollins’ teaching methods are excellent for a wide range of reasons. He keeps everyone focused, the class environment attentive, and idle chat to a minimum. His explanations are precise, the demonstrations clear, and his hand-out manuals are thorough. Most important, he participates and engages with all students during sessions, attentive to how they are practicing and quick to offer helpful feedback. While all instructors should do this, surprisingly few really do. No time is wasted in his courses, and at the end of the day you know you’ve learned as much as you can. After experiencing classes from many myofascial teachers, I find Craig’s to be the most unique and valuable I’ve ever encountered. I’m taking his whole series of workshops, then look forward to starting over and taking them a second time!

-Jonah Winters RMT. St. Catharines, ON

I am immensely grateful for Craig’s teachings in the weekend MIPAWORK course. Craig is a kind, attentive and generous teacher – he explained the techniques and philosophy of MIPAWORK clearly, guided us in our practical application and helped us maintain the clearest lines of gravity in our bodies as we worked My own work with my clients has been profoundly affected already and it has only been two days! I hope Craig will offer the next level of MIPAWORK in Halifax soon.

-Jessica Marsh RMT. Halifax, Nova Scotia

I’m happy to say that I have completed Level 1 of MIPAWORK and am looking forward to Level 2! This weekend was the first course I have taken since coming out of massage school and it was a great learning experience for me. I not only learned many useful techniques, but also a lot about myself. I have come out of this weekend more aware of the human body and its intricacies – looking forward to implementing and sharing this new found knowledge and awareness with my clients. Craig is a master at his craft and he has motivated me to now master my craft. I cannot thank him enough.

-Daniel Brazeau RMT. Ottawa, Ontario

The MIPAWORK workshop has taught me unique and effective techniques to assess and treat my clients as a whole, connected unit. As an instructor, Craig strives to ensure each individual has a full, precise understanding and application of the techniques with a focus on body mechanics. I have since used these techniques on my clients with great results. MIPAWORK will set you apart from other mainstream massage therapists and allow you to treat the cause instead of symptom chasing. Thank you Craig!

-Shelly Price RMT. Walkerton, Ontario

Dear Craig,
Thank you so much for this course. Its been several months since I took your workshop and it has completely elevated my treatments to a whole new level! I use your teachings in EVERY single treatment I’ve given ever since. The depths, directions and angles you teach inform every stroke I make. I use to tell clients things like ‘levator scapula will take several treatments to respond’ whereas now I deal with these types of ‘problem areas’ in one single treatment. Every single soft tissue worker NEEDS to understand how to go with the directions of the connective tissues that you teach. So many techniques ‘fight against’ these directions making it difficult on both the client and therapist. With all the emphasis on muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments so many of my clients have had ‘chronic’ problems I can now alleviate with ease. My clients are blown away. I strongly feel that 2 days of your training have outdone everything else I learned in massage school, and in all the courses I’ve taken since, combined. The wonderful thing about your workshop is that along with transforming the way I treat, the 3 treatments I received from my partner have done wonders for my own body as well. That alone was worth the price of admission. This is the only course that I’ve ever written a testimonial for. I can’t wait to take your more advanced levels and hope to have you back in Ottawa soon Craig.

-Jim Roache RMT. Ottawa, Ontario

Thank you Craig for the MIPA level one workshop! I benefited on so many levels. I learned valuable techniques for working with fascia, I gained an immense appreciation for what working with fascia can do to relive pain and discomfort, but most importantly I was reminded to bring mindfulness and loving presence to my practice. I took my place in my treatment room in a new way after the weekend and I now focus on the client as a whole. I and intending to support them to their natural balance rather than trying to figure out which injury or habit caused the tension I was trying to unravel.
I am so excited to bring MIPA to my clients and to keep working with ease in myself.

-Nadine Hawryluk. Regsitered Shiatsu Therapist, Victoria, BC

Craig has a unique and effective way of presenting complex material. His deep understanding of myofascial integration allows him to makes these concepts accessible to entry level practitioners. This course gave me a whole new perspective on how I look at the human body. Rather than treating and educating my clients on training, injury and exercise, I now teach my clients to be proactively aware of their bodies. People have a lot to gain from learning about how they are breathing, where they feel restricted and how they feel they are moving.
Best regards,

-Susannah Reid. Registered Kinesiologist, Vancouver, BC

I loved the content of this course and the way it was taught. Craig was clear, kind, and organized in his approach; and that reflects the MIPAWORK technique, which I think is clear, kind, and organized for the body. I’m excited to have new skills for reading bodies and for working with them, to bring long-lasting results for clients and a sense of presence and satisfaction to my treatments.

-Ellen Symons RMT. Ottawa, Ontario

Craig was an amazing instructor with the ability to make you feel comfortable and “present” in your experience. I was able to integrate the techniques into treatment with ease. Having the techniques applied on myself, in my own treatment, I was able to see and feel an immediate effect on my breathing, my posture, and my experience in my own body. MIPAWORK is an effective method, and I strongly encourage other therapists to learn it and integrate it into their own treatments. Overall, the workshop was a great course and I cannot wait until I am able to attend Level 2.

-Jennie Wiedmann. RMT, Napanee, Ontario

I recently completed Craig Mollins’ Level One MIPAWORK training and I left so inspired. I was able to immediately apply the techniques to my practice and I have used them with every client I have worked with since the workshop. In addition to the valuable techniques and skills learned, I was equally impressed by the caliber of instruction and presence of Craig. He is thoughtful, intentional, of high integrity, and is committed to the success of every student. His mindful, grounded and intuitive presence were inspiring and as such, he created a unique and dynamic learning experience. I look forward to learning the other levels of this program. Thank you, Craig for renewing my enthusiasm for the possibilities of bodywork.

-Simone Bowman RMT. Toronto, ON

I just completed Level 1 of MIPAWORK with Craig. The course layout was very comfortable as it included discussions, question times, detailed demonstrations and ample practice time. Each participant in my group experienced profound results within just two days of treatments. The sense of accomplishment in realigning our partner was most gratifying and the balance each student felt in their own bodies was remarkable. For me, personally, I feel taller, lighter, more grounded, have increased energy and even my thoughts have become clearer. As an instructor, Craig brings to the sessions excellent time management skills; a deep sense of calm and spirituality which was beautifully absorbed by our group; passion for what he practices; and extensive knowledge about the course material and expected outcomes. I highly recommend MIPAWORK as a course to consider as a compliment to any manual body work modality you may already be practicing. I truly believe these methods of fascial realignment to a normal resting position for the whole body will provide long-term lasting results with your patients. It is most certainly a superior treatment compared to compartmentalized treatments that are so often taught and implemented. The latter is a quick-fix, like a band-aid, which does not address enough compensating factors leaving your patient open to repetitive similar conditions at best and further deterioration at worst.
Thanks Craig. You are awesome.

-Lori Parish RMT. Ottawa, Ontario

Such an amazing course! I feel like a folded piece of paper that has been opened, framed and completely balanced! Can’t wait to share this with everyone!!!

-Ashley Rae Dales RMT. Victoria, BC

The MIPAWORK course was an amazing experience for me. It reinforced my vision of the body as a whole but it also taught me how gravity is strong and how it affects the body and even, the mind. Craig was an inspiration for me in the way he approaches each session. He showed me the importance of being fully there, conscious and focused.
I received body work during the course and I could feel the the changes. My running has improved since then; i can feel more energy coming from the earth, i am more grounded. I also am more centered and I am running more from my chest, hence leading from my heart.

-Amelie Marcil-Roy CAT(c), RMT. Montreal, Quebec

After finishing Level 2 I feel enlightened by my new knowledge. I find myself to be more present with my clients and I have new intention in my work. I find that after doing the sessions on clients I feel highly energized and inspired by the immediate results that are achieved. Level 2 adds so much to the previous sessions, it is an amazing continuation to the process of MIPAWORK.

-Rhonda Walker RMT. Leduc County, Alberta

Hi Craig,
I just wanted to thank you again for the workshop May 28/29th. I’ve been incorporating what you taught us with my regular clients and the results are going extremely well. One client who had been suffering from chronic hip pain told me that after one treatment with 1/2 hr fascial and 1/2 hr massage that 10 days later, her pain had not returned. Another client, I treated the medial leg/ankle and he said walking hadn’t felt that fluid in years. I know that I will continue to use the methods you taught us and they will continue to help people. Your lineage of instructors should be proud to know that the ripple of healing is continuous with everyone you teach. Thanks again,

-Olivia Sadler RMT. Port Elgin, ON

I have been using the techniques for MIPAWORK and I have found them to be most effective in resolving long standing issues with my clients. This work is renewing my passion for helping others.

-Caroline Robertson RMT. Edmonton, AB

I was so excited to use this work on my clients the very next day. I thought I knew how to use my body while treating my clients but this technique made it a lot easier. My clients are loving the MIPAWORK and so am I. Thanks Craig, looking for to the Level 2 in the fall.

-Winsome Richards RMT. Brampton, Ontario

I recently attended the MIPAWORK Level 1 workshop, and I have never seen such immediately visible results from such a relatively simple technique. And that’s only after the first three sessions. About the instructor Craig, his attitude towards life and what he teaches is admirable. Overall I discovered new ways to achieve centering and balance, in both myself and my clients, by an instructor who embodies these qualities. Thank you Craig, I hope to see you again at some point in the near future,

-Ryan Pero RMT. Sydney Nova Scotia

I can honestly say this course changed how I perceived myofascial work. Yes we did a brief course on fascial release in school, but it was rushed and I never felt really confident about applying many of the techniques learned, nor did I feel they worked for me. This course gave so many insights into fascial work that I can now say I have another set of tools for my massage toolbox. The MIPA technique makes sense and we saw and felt changes in the body after the first session. Looking at the body as a whole instead of segmented issues gave a much more effective result! Often times after a course I don’t feel I can integrate the techniques easily into a treatment, but not with MIPA. Craig was a charismatic, encouraging and passionate instructor, I’d definitely do the next level with him! Thanks Craig!

-Alana Ritter RMT. Halifax, NS

Hi Craig. I just wanted to share with you;
The improvements that I gained from the Level 1 workshop in Windsor are still present. I was back in the gym with my personal trainer this morning and my range of motion has vastly improved. In most cases 30-40 degrees of improvement! I am so excited. I have been plateaued for a very long time and had given in to believing that I had gained back as much as my body would allow. I have been able to scale back on my chiro and laser therapy, with no adverse effects! I have a new found hope, thank you very much. Please keep doing what you are doing. I know this technique will come to help many. The team working with me on my rehab journey cannot believe the changes in my body. I look forward to learning more in the future.

-Shannon Fields Brown RMT. Windsor, ON

Craig’s teaching has helped me become a better therapist, not just in applying specific techniques, but in my overall approach. His solid foundation of mindfulness and respect help me to have a more profound and more effective connection to my self, my clients, and my work. He is a kind and creative teacher with a deep understanding of the body and its possibilities. My studies with Craig have been transformative.

-Ellen Symons, RMT, Owner, Body Poets Massage Therapy. Ottawa ON

Hi Craig. I wanted to thank you for all your teaching and help at the MIPAWORK Level 1 workshop. Since I’ve processed some of your suggestions/ recommendations, I’ve really felt a big change in my work- the importance of process, presence, and moving toward positive change rather than miring client/therapist in pain stories. It’s a bit scary but I think necessary if I am to grow in my practice. My words are falling short of what you have given me, but I look forward to your next inspiring workshop.

-Mary Walsh RMT. Toronto, Ontario

I participated in the MIPAWORK workshop in the fall of 2009 and to this day the techniques I learned remain an integral part of my practice. When I offer my clients the 3 treatment series to address the superficial fascia, they are always amazed with the results. For example one client with chronic knee pain and clicking, was blown away at the changes she felt after the treatment addressing the lower extremities. Upon walking around the room post treatment, her knee pain and clicking was 90% improved. As well as offering the outlined series, I frequently integrate techniques from it into my massage therapy treatment. I find the tools and understanding I have gained from this workshop to be so valuable. My client outcome as a result has been dramatic. I look forward to participating in more MIPAWORK workshops in the future.

-Rachel Dietrich RMT, Registered Yoga Teacher. Toronto, Ontario

Craig’s passion for this work is evident through his presentation of the basic concepts of MIPAWORK. This is a wonderful workshop for manual therapists! If we can give our clients more organized space in their bodies, less pain, we offer them the opportunity to explore their world with grace and ease in gravity. Thank you, Craig.

-Hazel Bell RMT. Edmonton, Alberta

Craig Mollin’s weekend course on mindfulness and myofascial work was a grounding and informative experience. Craig’s patience and genuine interest in the students was evident as he instructed the class on seated and walking meditation as done in Buddhist practice. The morning of meditation was nicely balanced by an afternoon of MIPA instruction and practice. Thank you Craig for offering this unique class for manual therapists!

-Elyse Chan RMT. Toronto, ON

I really enjoyed the MIPAWORK course and am looking forward on integrating the techniques into my practice. I also plan to complete the rest of the levels so I can offer the full protocol to my clients. The series of treatments you teach are so unique, and offer a “whole-body” approach to the structure and it’s mechanics. I know that many of my clients could benefit from the work and hope they will try it. I feel wonderful after the treatment I received during the workshop, and am enjoying how in-tune I feel with my body now. I’ve also done “Session One” on my husband and he felt the difference immediately. Thank you for such an enlightening and inspirational weekend!

-Shanna Brander RMT. Bradford, Ontario