The MIPAWORK Five-Level Training

The MIPAWORK 10-session protocol is taught over a series of five levels. The first three levels are two days each, and the the final two levels are four days each. The two-day levels are offered on weekends, and the four-day levels are offered Friday-Monday.

The teaching methodology offers a balanced approach of instruction, hands-on practice, and one-to-one mentorship with the instructor. In a nutshell, the teacher offers the instruction, you practice the instructions in real time, and refine your technique with personal guidance from the instructor. This classic way of learning – instruction, practice, and refinement – is the hallmark of all our workshops, and is the best way we know to help you have a transformative learning experience.

Level One

Level One is a 2-day workshop, and instructs in the first session of the 10-session protocol. The first session works to bring balance to the rib-cage and restore the natural capacity for breath. The entire 10-session process is facilitated with the breath so this first session sets that foundation. We also do some work in this session bringing balance to the pelvis, back and neck. Finally we integrate the session changes by introducing the experiential centre of gravity.

Level Two

Level Two is a 2-day workshop and instructs in session two. This session works to unwind and rebalance the legs, along with some rebalancing of the spinal erector muscles. We also work to bring further balance in the pelvis and the neck.

Level Three

Level Three is a 2-day workshop and instructs in session three, which works to lengthen and rebalance the sides of the pelvis and ribcage. At the same time, the work on the sides of the body integrates the work completed so far on the front and back of the body.

Level Four

Level Four is a 4-day workshop and instructs in sessions four, five, six and seven. The focus on these sessions is to bring further length and balance to the structures of the pelvis, as well as balancing and integrating the back, neck and head.

Level Five

Level Five is a 4-day workshop and instructs in sessions eight, nine and ten. These three sessions re-work the entire body and bring about an integration of the work accomplished in the previous seven sessions.

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